Travel Collection

$ 22.00

Enjoy a discount when you grab a matching set of your favorite Sweet Anthem perfume in our Travel Collection! You'll receive 1 fragrance in both the 10ml Eau de Parfum and 5ml Solid Perfume sizes.

Our 10ml Eau de Parfum is TSA friendly and ready for your carry-on. Made with high quality organic perfuer's alcohol and our infamous fragrances, these little misters are lighter applications of our fragrances so you won't annoy the entire aisle of your airplane.

Our 5ml Solid Perfume is a unique soy wax and shea butter mixture that melts easily to your body heat to diffuse the fragrance into the air. Perfect for touch-ups on the road, keeping in your makeup bag or back pocket for a leak-proof fragrance option, and featuring that elusive balance of subtle but sexy. 

All of our products are 100% vegan friendly.