Hogwarts House Solid Perfume Sets
Hogwarts House Solid Perfume Sets
Hogwarts House Solid Perfume Sets
Hogwarts House Solid Perfume Sets
Hogwarts House Solid Perfume Sets
Sweet Anthem

Hogwarts House Solid Perfume Sets

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Fatum Est Tua Dulce

House Solid Sets include two 5ml Solid Perfumes from our flagship collection, a composition notecard listing both muggle & wizarding notes, packaged in a limited edition cotton gift bag tied with a velvet ribbon.  

This is a limited edition seasonal item, don't miss out! 

Hogwarts Houses

    • Gryffindor ~ Floral, spicy and bright notes are a must for this brave at heart and daring house. Doing what is right is not always easy. Your perfumes are complex with a twist. Your house set is Alice (Edelweiss, *Asphodel, Tuberose) & Juliet (Jasmine, *Knotgrass, Pink Pepper). 
    • Slytherin ~ Odd scent combinations reign supreme in this house. Teeming with loyalty and ambition, you like your perfumes to be sultry, evocative, and mysterious. Your house set is Annabelle (*Gillyweed, Osmanthus, Amber) & Phoebe (Lavender, *Forbidden Pine, *Snow). 
    • Ravenclaw ~ Fantasy notes mixed with earthy florals are the best bet for introverted dreamers. Quirky, willful, and scholarly, your perfume matches your cleverness and creativity. Your house set is Emily (Yuzu, *Puddifoot Coffee, Almond) & Margaret (Rose Otto, Guava, *Dittany). 
    • Hufflepuff ~ Gourmand or bakery smells brighten your day. Valuing hard work and patience, key florals and sparkling citrus notes embody your perfect perfume, both industrious and sweet. Your house set is Caroline (Bergamot, *Flitterbloom, *Citrus Fizz) & Lucille (Rosewood, *Valerian, Linden Blossom). 

    And of course, all perfumes from Sweet Anthem are vegan, have an organic base and are made by hand in small batches. 

    *CAUTION: when available, key ingredients are exchanged with wizarding world equivalents. Use at your own risk or reward.

    **For Hogwarts alumni, we are happy to accommodate free shipping via owl carrier, please inquire.    

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