Sweet Anthem


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Floral, spicy and bright notes are a must for this brave at heart and daring house. Doing what is right is not always easy. Your perfumes are complex with a twist! 

Your house set is Alice (Edelweiss, *Asphodel, Tuberose) & Juliet (Jasmine, *Knotgrass, Pink Pepper). 

Choose between our Solid Perfumes in an easy to use twist tube or our Eau de Parfums which come in a 10ml spray bottle. Each limited edition set is ready to gift in our reusable cotton gift bags with a composition notecard listing both muggle & wizarding notes tied with a velvet ribbon!

And of course, all perfumes from Sweet Anthem are vegan, have an organic base and are made by hand in small batches. 

This is a limited edition seasonal item, don't miss out! 

Fragrance Notes

Head Notes Sea Salt
Heart Notes Edelweiss, Tuberose, *Asphodel
Base Notes Sandalwood, Tobacco, White Amber

Fragrance Notes

Head Notes Clove, Mango, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes Neroli, Jasmine, Sambac
Base Notes Muskwood, *Knotgrass

Fatum Est Tua Dulce

*CAUTION: when available, key ingredients are exchanged with wizarding world equivalents. Use at your own risk or reward.

**For Hogwarts alumni, we are happy to accommodate free shipping via owl carrier, please inquire.