Mystic Dreams Wreath
Mystic Dreams Wreath
Sweet Anthem

Mystic Dreams Wreath

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The Story

With more than 20 celestite crystals nestled among the flowers, this 12" wreath is a beacon of harmony, strength, and calm. Tucked in the middle is a sweet amethyst cluster adorned with sage, larkspur, and echinops.  
Each wreath is a one-of-a-kind creation lovingly made, and infused with joy and warmth. The crystals, flowers, and herbs are chosen with intention, their meaning and insight just waiting to be unearthed by the goddess within.  


Amethyst is the stone of peace and strength. The beautiful violet tones in this stone attract energy promoting truth.
Quartz Crystal
Quartz crystal is a universal stone celebrated for its purity and powerful energy. Bringing harmony to the soul and channeling clarity and consciousness. 
Celestite Celestite or the "dream crystal". Placed near you when sleeping, Celestite promotes sweet dreams, clarity of mind, harmony, and calming. 
Echinops The violet glow from echinops nurtures depth & calm.
Larkspur Larkspur inspires an open heart.
Verdant moss brings with it blessings from mother nature.
Sage Sage releases cleansing energy into its space.

* Each wreath will be carefully wrapped for shipping. Due to the fragile nature of the natural materials used, there may be some loose items. This should be minimal. If your wreath arrives damaged please contact us immediately via email ( 
*To prolong the vividness of your wreath, keep out of direct sunlight and humidity. 
* No international shipping on wreaths.*