Scents for Gents 30ml Eau de Parfum
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Scents for Gents 30ml Eau de Parfum

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For a longer wear, we've got you covered with our 30ml Eau de Parfum for Gents. With a quick spritz you are good to go! 

Choose From:

  • ANTON - apple, wasabi, sandalwood, cedar 
  • COLIN - cardamom, mahogany, saffron, fig  
  • COOPER - teak, clary sage, vetiver, coffee 
  • ELLIOTT - pinyon pine, labdanum, tonka bean 
  • PETER - lemon, black tea, patchouli, amber, leather
  • WALDEN - petit grains, oakmoss, vintage florals

Featuring that elusive balance of subtle but sexy, Scents for Gents are vegan, have an organic base and are made by hand in small batches. 

Having trouble choosing? Use the chart below to find your perfect scent match! 

Citrus Scents Peter
Floral Scents Walden
Spicy Scents Anton & Colin
Woodsy Scents Cooper & Elliott

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