Seasonal Sampler - Charlotte & Marianne
Sweet Anthem Perfumes

Seasonal Sampler - Charlotte & Marianne

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The Story

Don't wait to try this year's first limited edition Seasonal Sampler! Featuring Charlotte & Marianne, two fierce and captivating fragrances to kick off 2018! 

You'll receive each seasonal fragrance in a 1.5ml classic perfume sample vial. 

And of course, all perfumes from Sweet Anthem are vegan, have an organic base and are made by hand in small batches. 

Our nod to Charlotte Bronte captures soft buttery mimosa blooms brightened by the snowy mist of winter grounded in white amber. 

Romantic spices, sugared peony blossoms, and tuberose flowers from a lover; they read together in whispers, from a dust-laden tome of Shakespearean sonnets.

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