About Us

We are chroniclers and ecologists
with a passion for the elusive medium of scent & stories.

2020 Healthcare Community Appreciation! 

For every purchase, Sweet Anthem is sending a Solid Perfume and thank you card to someone in the healthcare community as a small token of our appreciation. You are welcome to include a name and address when you check out or just leave it up to us!


Through smoke, and maybe a few mirrors here and there, our NW perfumers compose artisan fragrances based on legends and lore we love – and christens them for the heroes and heroines within.

Since 2007, each Sweet Anthem product has been crafted by hand from very, very small batches in our Pacific Northwest studio. Our perfumes, candles, and wreaths are 100% vegan friendly – all musks, honeys, and leather notes are makeshift components designed to smell like the real thing. We are so committed to this vegan thing that we've been approved by the Vegan Action / Vegan Awareness Foundation earning the right to proudly display their logo.

 Vegan Action / Vegan Awareness Foundation

We like to think of our creations as little ecologies that showcase the beauty of worlds we've never been to but want to go to. Our literature-obsessed nature means that each fragrance has a story to tell, from the first whiff to the last moment it leaves your skin. In short, we are award-winning fragrance makers, and we love little else but the opportunity to transport you into the ingress of other realms.