Who makes all these?

Sweet Anthem Perfumes is the brainchild of Meredith Smith. Since 2015, the brand has moved to Portland under the helm of the talented Marisa Borrevik, who has taken over the day to day production of perfumes and operations at the studio. Meredith occasionally pokes her head in to collaborate on new developments but is enjoying time as a mom with her tiny human. Please feel free to drop a note to Marisa anytime, she would love to hear from you and welcomes any and all feedback! hello@sweetanthem.com 


Are your perfumes all-natural?

Our new Timeless Collection is 100% all natural using only essential oils, absolutes and organic bases. And of course like all of our creations they are vegan and cruelty-free.   

Our flagship collection and Scents for Gents are not all natural, but they are vegan and organic based and still more natural than most mainstream fragrances. We believe in the variety that materials composed in a lab can offer us, and that animals should never be harmed in their making. To that end, we abstain from materials derived from animal sources, do not participate in animal testing, and do not purchase materials from companies who do. We are so committed that we have earned the right to proudly display the Vegan Action Certified Logo and are members of the Vegan Trade Council. 


What is the difference between your perfume formats and how long they last on your skin?

We dilute our products at a much lower rate than the rest of the mainstream industry, meaning our formats pack a smelly punch. Here is an estimated guess as to what you can expect from each (and we've been at this awhile, so you can assume our guesses are gold):

Format Carrier Dilution Wear Time
Perfume Oils (roller ball) Fractionated Coconut Oil 40% 6-8 hours
Eau de Parfums (atomizer)
Organic Perfumer's Alcohol
20% 4-6 hours
Solid Perfumes (tube)
Organic Soy Wax,
Organic Shea Butter
n/a 2-3 hours


What are your perfumes made from?

We use a mixture of media from plant matter to synthetic materials to create our little worlds inside these tiny vials. We strive to use wild harvested, organic, and natural materials whenever possible.  And while our Timeless Collection is 100% all natural, our flagship collection and Scents for Gents celebrate the variety of scents available to help us tell our bottled stories. For example, it's impossible to actually bottle... well... snow. So we have to fake it occasionally and pray to the gods we get it right. Here is a table of the base ingredients for each of our formats:

Format Ingredients
Perfume Oils Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Parfum
Eau de Parfums Organic Perfumer's Alcohol, Parfum
Solid Perfumes

Proprietary Blend of Organic Soy Wax, Organic Shea Butter, Parfum

Natural Perfumes

Essential Oils, Absolutes, Organic Base (see above for format)

What does "all natural" mean at Sweet Anthem?

Our Timeless Collection is 100% all natural. That means that there are no parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetics, or dyes. We use essential oils and absolutes sourced from local suppliers we trust. For our Eau de Parfum we mix our oils with an organic wheat alcohol, our Perfume Oils are mixed with an organic fractionated coconut oil and our Solid Perfumes are mixed with our proprietary blend of organic soy wax and organic shea butter. That's it folks, nothing else! 

Can I smell your perfumes in person? Do you have a shop?

Currently, the best way to smell our perfumes is to order one of our sample sets. We offer a Free Sample Set with a Gift Card for a full bottle of perfume which is a great way to receive our samples for free!