Parfum Notes Extraordinaire! The Magic of Hogwarts.

Our award-winning perfumes have been sorted into Hogwarts Houses...

Steeped in ancient traditions and artisanal secrets, the fun lies in the magical history of the notes carefully gathered for this collection. There are a few Easter eggs for the uber fan of both Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts universe, lots of whimsy, and hopefully a dash of magic. Now for the first time, a sneak peek at Sweet Anthem's Parfum Notes Extraordinaire! 

Citrus Fizz - A proprietary blend of citrus notes used in the Hufflepuff collection. The rarest citrus note is collected from the Jinmenju tree which only grows on the grounds of Mahoutokoro. The citrus fruit on this tree is said to have a human face that is constantly laughing, even as it falls from the tree. 
    The Jinmenju as illustrated by Toriyama Sekien
    Snow - Snow used in the Slytherin perfume set is gathered from the Weisshorn in the Swiss Alps. Revered and protected by the Barbegazi, it takes a skillful negotiator to make the peaceful trade. 


      Puddifoot Coffee - Inspired by the gourmand coffee and happy couples who frequent this establishment, Ravenclaw's perfume set includes an enchanted coffee note. Brewed to perfection, it is known to energize and invigorate. 

        Asphodel - a soft floral fragrance from this rarest variety of lily. It only grows in the Elysian Fields and when used at full potency it is useful at combating sleeping spells. Used in the Gryffindor collection, it lends a complexity to the floral and bright notes elevating your spirit and sharpening your understanding. 


          Sweet Anthem has been the wizards perfumer of choice for centuries and for muggles since 2007. Always cruelty-free, vegan, phthalate-free, and made with an organic base.
           *Perfumes mentioned may be seasonal and no longer available. Please email us at if you have any inquiries or requests. Thank you!*  

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