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We often get requests to bring back old favorites - Wendy, Catherine, Tara, Cordelia..... Sometimes it is no problem, other times a supplier of a certain note has gone out of business, no longer carries what we need, or the cost becomes prohibitive (think saffron featured in Cybele which can run anywhere between $300-$500 per ounce!). Often this is the catalyst for old favorites to evolve into new friends. 

Our 3 limited run perfumes coming out this summer are a fun example of the evolution some of our fragrances undergo.

Edith - lilac, orchid, Seville orange, rosewood
Edith is an old favorite and our only fragrance to feature the intoxicating lilac. Since her initial release nearly a decade ago, her notes have held fast with one change this year- a synthetic honey note has been dropped to make way for a more natural note. The change is subtle but will be noticed by Edith fans. So far the reviews are stellar and wearers find the subtle change uplifts the lilac into something deliciously complex and inviting. 

Anahita - mimosa, heliotrope, bright greenery, amber
Anahita is a distant descendent of Charlotte. The bright greenery in Charlotte was always a favorite of mine and I wanted to keep those appealing welcome notes while reimagining this old fan favorite. A few of the notes in Charlotte have become unavailable leaving lots of room to play. In the end, Anahita is a walk in a cloud of nectar florals. Light and soft, powder and greens. Buttery mimosa blooms brightened by the summer sunshine and carried gently by the breeze. 

Grace - green tea, peony, cassis, cedarwood
As one of our most requested fragrances to bring back, it was with a heavy heart that I had to retire Wendy. Le sigh. From her ashes, Grace arises. Keeping the undercurrents of peony, cedarwood, cassis, and gardenia we have infused this luscious mix of florals with a splash of green tea to add some zing. A deliciously wearable symphony of all that is good and uplifting. 

Keep the requests coming friends! I have more old favorites in the works and would love to hear what you are looking for. Lenore, Vivian, Catherine, Joan...

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