Behind the Scenes this Holiday Season

To say that I am grateful to still have a business is an understatement. Like many of you, I am also a parent managing the schooling of 2 young kids during a worldwide pandemic. I use the word 'managing' loosely as my goal is often to just make it through the next hour without raising my voice, rolling my eyes or threatening to take away 'fun screen time' for the next gazillion years.

I learned the hard way to differentiate between 'fun screen time' vs. 'screen time' as my son bounced around the house chanting "I can't go to school because mom took away ALL OF MY SCREEN TIME". I had to remind myself that he is 7 and I am....not. I remind myself of this often.

Sweet Anthem has been neglected, all of my beautiful summer releases have not been released and I am behind on fall releases. They will just have to wait until next year. 

I created 3 new Home Sprays out of necessity (available in the store). We are all working and going to school together in very tight quarters. The need to spritz a fresh scent every now and then is morale boosting in our home.  

So this year for the holidays I am focusing on simplicity while supporting other small businesses. Sweet Anthem will be offering some of our favorite handmade gifts from craftsmen and artists from across the country. I am currently putting together the cutest little gift baskets stuffed with handmade chocolates, s'mores kits, embroidered towels, jewelry, and of course Sweet Anthem Home Sprays and Solid Perfumes. You know it's good when you want to keep everything for yourself... Check back soon to get a sneak peek at our new arrivals. 

And on a personal note, hang in there. This s**t is hard right now and many of us are struggling. We are resilient, we are strong and that looks very different for each of us. Big hugs friends. 

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