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I love finding out all the different ways in which people choose their perfect scent! And even better, I love when I find scientific research that helps us identify and explain why we are drawn to certain notes. I was inspired to delve a little deeper into the mysteries of the olfactory system and here is what I found....


TRUST - Lavender

Why Recommended Fragrance
Lavender is known for its relaxing and calming properties, but did you know it also promotes trust? Thanks to Frontiers in Psychology's article, A question of scent: lavender aroma promotes interpersonal trust, you can turn to lavender in times when you need a little extra boost building those interpersonal bridges. 
2020 Hopeour go-to for a lavender scent wrapped in a vanilla and yuzu embrace! Phoebe is also an excellent front-runner for a lavender fix. 


 HAPPINESS - Florals

Why Recommended Fragrance
It looks like the scent for happy is floral according to two researchers at Rutgers University. "The floral odors can make you happy and promote social interaction", says Haviland-Jones in the article for LiveScience.  Anything that will bring a smile to our faces and a little extra pep in our step is well worth it! 
AliceLucille1948 Beginnings are all excellent choices to increase joy! 


 ENERGY - Citrus

Why Recommended Fragrance
Skip the coffee and reach for your citrus scented fragrance to give you that mid-afternoon boost! Countless studies have delved into the wonder of citrus and its invigorating properties. I highly recommend keeping a Solid Perfume in your desk drawer, pocket, or purse for that easy to reach recharge. ;)

Emily & Peter are both zesty choices!

(psst. did you know that Emily also has notes of coffee and mocha along with the citrus notes of yuzu? It really could be the perfect boost!) 

*Perfumes mentioned may be seasonal and no longer available. Please email us at if you have any inquiries or requests. Thank you!*  

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