Perfumes Based on Your Hogwarts House

Fatum Est Tua Dulce ~ Welcome to Sweet Anthem, fine fragrance purveyor to both muggle and wizarding worlds alike! 

I am reading the books for the FIRST time with my daughter and I am so swept up and enchanted I couldn't wait to incorporate the wizarding world into my perfume world! I have spent endless hours daydreaming, researching, and learning so many hidden gems about Hogwarts and the Houses that I can't wait to share the fun with you. And what better time than the holidays to immerse yourself in magic? Thank you Potter friends for joining in the fun and please don't hesitate to leave me a comment, suggestion, and most definitely let me know what house you proudly belong to! 

Based on tradition, craft, and artistry, each House has been carefully matched with Sweet Anthem fragrances.  

Haven't been sorted yet? Here are a couple of our favorite sorting sites...

And for a deeper dive into the magical perfume notes and their history click here.  

Floral, spicy, and bright notes are a must for this brave at heart and daring house. Doing what is right is not always easy. Your perfumes are complex with a twist. Click here to find out your house perfumes. 

Odd scent combinations reign supreme in this house. Teeming with loyalty and ambition, you like your perfumes to be sultry, evocative, and mysterious. Click here to find out your house perfumes. 

    Fantasy notes mixed with earthy florals are the best bet for introverted dreamers. Quirky, willful, and scholarly, your perfume matches your cleverness and creativity. Click here to find out your house perfumes. 

    Gourmand or bakery smells brighten your day. Valuing hard work and patience, key florals and sparkling citrus notes embody your perfect perfume, both industrious and sweet. Click here to find out your house perfumes. 


      *Perfumes mentioned may be seasonal and no longer available. Please email us at if you have any inquiries or requests. Thank you!*   

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        Will you make more Hufflepuff perfume?

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